so while FCTV was stuffing his face with 1.5lbs of zippys chili, i went to the range and shot 12 rds to check fire after annual teardown and inspection.

she looks lonely....

go team chili!

*farts and stains undies


not good enough for the one ragged hole :(

destroyed my aimpoint with the 1st shot, etched on the shoot-n-see paster though....went downhill from there. ended with .978 group or 5 shots.

im happy if i can keep within .5 moa of my POA

KC cum down and help me with that monster scope!!

should be fun!

the pasties cover a 2 shot zero group, then a 1st 5 shot group of similar size a tad higher....my elevation adj is only .5moa and wind is .25 moa. is a good scope, but not really suited for ultimate accuracy, more like a combat tough minute-of-man scope. 

Nice shooting.

only had my 100yd target, so "nice" is subjective :P

I love me the irons too, was trained on the match conditioned M14s. I had a custom M1A that I swear to KOD would hold sub moa, I have a couple old targets that ~1.25-1.5 100yd rapid with 5rd and 5rd mag change in sling anf BDUs.

as for scopes,see my other thread, you come down and help with the scope that I gotta test out

Mine O, you come, we need to get interest for HG shooting team.....too much zoojitsu is no good fren!

I'll see how next weeks shakes out and let you know!