Long lean bodyframe

I have a long, lean bodyframe. I am pushing 6'4" now and generally weigh between 200 and 210. I am fairly muscular and have decent footspeed.

My question is basically what to do with a frame like this. In grappling and wrestling, I have enormous problems moving people with squat, fireplug-esque frames around ("meatballs", to use a gusto-ism). Although it is not necessarily a strict S & C topic to open up, I would imagine that this subforum has a higher medium of kinesiology knowledge, which would probably help much.

So? What do I do? Do I bulk? Do I work on speed and conditioning more, because of the disproportion in relative strength vs. the "meatballs"? TD I focus on leg-wrestling, and take advantage of those long limbs?

Really, any advice at all regarding my body frame would be very appreciated. I don't want to end up playing tennis.

Any "body" can fight. Look at Lindland.

Well, right. There just seems to be a huge discrepancy in strength sometimes, even if I am generally stronger than the person - they're just very tough to wrestle with.

Little brickshithouses can be hard to move because of their center of gravity, fulcrum point, if you will. It's like trying to open a door by pushing against it near the hinges vs at the knob. The door doesn't weigh anymore, and you're not any weaker, but it's still harder to move.

At the same time, the fireplugs weigh the same but carry less of their weight in their bones, and their muscles aren't as long, meaning that, within their range, they're likely to be more powerful, assuming all other things being equal with the taller man.

Everyone has to develop his own style that depends on his physical makeup and his character. They don't always match. If your character inspires you to get in there and maul with a guy stacked up like a pile of boulders but your body is built to bait-and-sprawl, it could be a problem.

To me it's best to think about what kind of fighter you want to be and compare that with your actual physical characteristics and work out some kind of deal between them, and then sweat, sweat, sweat to make it happen.

Train Juijitsu, and you can have an AWESOME guard with such long limbs.

Get as strong as possiable. Learn the clinch, with long legs you can setup trips easily especially if you get the other guy off balanced. TTT

Take advantage of your reach, even while ground-grappling. You should be able to post hands and feet farther out than most, giving you tremendous leverage. Remember that your disadvantage is when things are in really tight and there's not much room to maneuver.

Oh yeah-- it would be great for you to work on strength and conditioning (especially core body exercises for your long, flexible torso); but compared with most people, as a tall guy you should probably be strongly emphasizing balance, coordination, and flexibility. In short, agility, which will better allow you to take advantage of your strengths.

No one body type has all the advantages in grappling, everyone is subject to strengths and weaknesses.

Personally I'm 6'4" 187lbs and I love it. I find my strengths are my sprawls, smashing my weight onto people from the top and creating a wide base, blocking sweeps, and of course using my legs from the guard. My weakness are my shots, my long neck is a target, and the length of my limbs give people plenty to grab on to.

If your coach is a fireplug and he is just showing fireplug moves and expecting it to always work for you, that could be part of the problem. You need to start looking at stuff from guys bulit like you and seeing what they are doing. Matt Thorton & Royce Gracie come to mind for that body type. Be critical of you sessions and notice what is actually working for you then perfect and expand on that.

Definitely check out Thai Boxing! I am a similiar build and whilst I get thrown about in the clinch, being able to punch past most people's kicks and knee to the head without breaking sweat is a real advantage!

get a hacksaw

learn a lot of clicnch work and just jack them up on underhooks, the short fat kids hate trying to fight when stood on tiptoe...... bah your not long and thin I'm 6'8" and 175....


Learn the clinch my man, it will become your best friend.