Long-term healthcase benefits for fighters coming soon ... not

There were widespread reports of UFC president Dana White’s declaration on the social network that long-term healthcare benefits were coming soon. However, Farah Hannoun got that one cleared up during a recent interview with the UFC boss.

ha yeah let’s all laugh off that misunderstanding


Wow, fucking ridiculous.

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Can’t watch in a meeting. What’s the synopsis of this fiasco? Did Dana think they were asking about something else lol?


Interviewer asks him about his instagram post saying soon in regards to fighter benefits…

Dana says “oh that? Yeah, no, I actually responded to the wrong person, I wasn’t talking to them, it’s kinda funny actually” starts laughing…

Interviewer just laughs too and says ok, gotcha gotcha and moves on

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Healthcare benefits for fighters? Yeah, it’s on the way.

bit awkward this. but then again maybe it can be swept under the carpet forever.

‘hey buddy, you want an opportunity, kid?’

It would be interesting to know what the UFC does for current fighters and their medical bills. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s way more than what we might think…but I also wouldn’t be surprised if it’s hardly anything.