LongBeach Griffey reacts to black little mermaid

I mean disney already tried the minnie mouse ears glazed with a fresh platinumnized coat of semen on them so my guess is going to be ghost in designer sheets with a splash of afro-centric colors added to them for noxious effect.

Once again you are missing the point. Nobody gives a shit that a horrible idea has once again escaped the Disney creative (or lack there of) hive mind. Instead of making something original that black people can be proud of they simply are rebranding via technicolor for stupid people like yourself to cheer on.


So you’re proud of Little Mermaid as a white person?

What a crazy concept for a business to use popular products they already have with a cheap tweak to bring in new customers, versus developing something new and untested from the ground up.

But muh fiduciary duty to maximize profits!!!

Yawn. So we should not change the race of a made up character for a single movie.

But we should change the race of a factual living god ( or made up one of you choose) for 1000s of years in print paintings movies tv and any and all media.

Hate to break it to you guys but not a single person in the Bible is white. Not one.

You guys know that right ?

Got it.

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You think everyone in the Middle-East was/is dark-skinned? I bet you think Cleopatra was a beautiful dark black kween, huh?


White Moses (lots of white Moses’s) agrees with you. Lol.

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Dark skinned jewish woman disagrees with you. Lol.

This is an actual person, btw.


For sure she is ! Thank you ! Lol.

Gadot has stated that she was brought up in a “very Jewish, Israeli family environment”[23] and is of Ashkenazi descent.[20]

Her maternal grandparents were born in 20th-century Europe; her grandfather [survived the Holocaust]

(Holocaust survivors - Wikipedia) following his imprisonment at the Auschwitz concentration camp during Nazi Germany’s occupation of Czechslovakia, while her grandmother managed to escape the continent before the outbreak of World War II.

They are European jews who came from kazaria, yet they act like they are West Asian and pretend Palestine is their land.


Look at woke Disney in 1940. Everyone knows there’s no black centaurs.

If they want to make DeQuann the big lipped centaur today I’m all for it. Draw it just like that. I’m sure you’d have no problem with it.

So you will drop your totally deep and genuine insistence that fairytales be kept slavishly faithful to their white origins, as long as any non-white fantasy creatures are depicted as insulting caricatures?

lol figures

Translucent mermaids

I guess you have never been to Israel. I have and most of them are white as hell. Most of the people do not look like your Historical jesus.

Look I get it you’re a poor millennial that has probably never left even your state. How about expand your knowledge beyond your gender studies course.

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You got me.

Accept for that 5 year bid in the USMC. Where I trained with the Israeli special forces during joint training exercises in new river. Along with the Royal Marines and others.

Also the time I built a 30 million dollar MMA clothing brand from scratch without a dollar from anyone. and traveled the nation and world promoting it. Sponsored and worked with fighters from almost every nation.

Aside from that you are 100% correct.

As the wiki stated in her case and for 1000s of others. most of those fled Europe.

Just saw you have a 13 join date. Lol. I was a key sponsor on this board for over ten years prior to you even posting.

Tell me your story.

Held the us production and distribution contract for pride fc. From 99-2002. Designed event shirts fighter shirts other mechanize for pride fc.

2002 started hitman fight gear. 2003 made the first mma shorts with a cross over closing system also designed and produced the first rank guards for no gi Bjj that are both now standard worldwide.

2004 designed and produced all the team uniforms for the ultimate fighter this went on for the first 7 seasons.

2008 sold majority stake in hitman to tapout came on board with them and worked with both mma teams developing signature merchandise. Over 200 million in global sales. Sold both brands to ABG

2010 went to metal mulisha and La Jolla group as head MMA brand manager and performance apparel designer.

Left and have been on my own since then.

Also apparently go to school for gender studies.

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Colonizer Jesus seems way cooler tbh.

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I was going to ask if you went to school to learn all that.

No self taught.

I was a helo crew Chief in the USMC so i’s iz smart they said for a jarhead.

I just go to school for gender studies now.

Weird part is the little mermaid was written by a gay man as a love letter to his lost lover after he left him.

I didn’t know you guys were such big fans of gay danish writers from the turn of the century.

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