LongBeach Griffey reacts to black little mermaid

As a Native I find it hilarious Phillipinos and Italians have portrayed Natives, hell they look the part completely. But nobody is going to believe a black Sitting Bull or blonde haired Tecumseh. These things you just know if they look off.

So no more white, cracker Jesus allowed??

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I don’t give a shit what you believe in, it has nothing to do with the simple explanation of why people are ridiculing the black-washing of a Danish story from the 1800s.

However, if you believe only darkies were/are in the Middle-East, there’s no point in debating your strawman.

It is true that a bunch of the Ashkenazi Jews moved back and whitened up the Sephardic Jews in the 19th and 20th century…… historical Jesus was probably not Askenazi white…. I used to see even redhead Irish looking Jew babes in coastal Israel.

I dont think its a color issue and a danish story issue. Barely anyone knows the history behind the story.

The issue is they are remaking it and making a black ariel stictly to take advantage of this bs woke movement shit for profit and acting like they are doing it for the movement

That is also part of it. I posted about that part in an earlier post: