longest day ever

i dont know about the rest of you but i had the day off no school or work and my day off has sucked cause all ive done is watch the direct tv preview........ god let the show start early

all ive done is watch

Pride 31...

GFC from last night...

2 college hoops games

and watched the weighins again....

I am on your team man. The clock is going extra slow. I have done 2 different sessions of heavy bag work just to try and pass the time.

i've been watchin the direct tv preview for the past 5 hours. only one and a half more to go!!

I had a 3 hour BJJ seminar to help pass the afternoon :) but I agree, the hours are passing slowly.

to me it has been pretty long. still an hour away from start. ive been up since 4 cuz i had to work, but other than that i have done nothing to make my day go by faster.

yea its crazy i never thought id be wishing i had t work...... only thing im doin is prayin that this card goes according to plan and that the fights are good..... i will be pissed if something happens

ttt to knock on wood

longest half hour starts now!