Longest it has taken a mechanic to fix your car?

A friend of mine was in an accident. She was in a left turn lane with a red light and the driver in the oncoming lane (straight lane) went into her lane and hit her almost head on. The police gave him a ticket, and her car was nearly totalled. Insurance paid for repairs but thats it. No rental or anything. She claims she went to an attorney and was told she has no claim. Her car was towed to an auto repair shop. That was on 11 November of last year and it is still in the shop. Shes been paying on it (as well as insurance) without being able to use it at all. Is that normal? Ive never had to deal with qccidents or insurance so I really have no clue.

My van was stolen the day before Thanksgiving, it was recovered mid December without a catalytic converter or stereo and some other things but was left in otherwise good shape. They can’t find a new cat still and are trying to convince me to total it out now…haven’t got a $number yet. I don’t want to get rid of it but it doesn’t look good.

What was the van like? This car is a 2019 Camry. The front left wheel was completely torn off of the car and the frame was shoved in over a foot. I was shocked that they didnt total it. They should have. Its taken them over 6 months and its still in the shop.

It is a 2000 Ford Econoline. It was in relatively good shape, no rust, newish transmission, etc. I guess the cats get stolen from so many fleet work vans that they are impossible to find. Same with Prius’ but they have a work around for them apparently.

A couple of days…

parts are a fucking nightmare right now

There’s been shortages for staff (supposedly) at serivce centers in dealers. I know someone that had their car in service for over a month or two.

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I wonder why?

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even idiots know its putin

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She should get another legal opinion, just for kicks.

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The last time I took my car to a shop with an insurance company involved, the shop decided they didn’t want to fix it and issued a supplement charge that pushed the vehicle into a total loss.

Then the insurance company wouldn’t accept quotes from other certified shops, told me I can fix it out of pocket if I want but they’re still declaring it totaled to the state after I offered to withdraw my claim and fix the car myself.

Was in a 9 month battle with the faggots of USAA.