Longest thread

I have been reading a bunch of old blogs and others that people have rehashed from the grave and I got to wondering. What is the longest thread page wise, the UG has created?

 Wisconsin MMA thread still going? That one's been a monster for years...plus, yumaslim's MMA Memorabilia thread was a pretty big one....I might have to do a search...


Wisconsin bjj growing strong sbuild UnderGround Forum 1 hour ago

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CHECK OUT MY UFC/MMA....(PICS) yumaslim UnderGround Forum 3 days ago

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I guess that thread isn't as long as I thought it was...but that's a shit ton of views for 800 posts....

hit big jugged crossfiter is one of the best long threads but not the longest.


girl-pooper, travis-the-boxer, fighter's-lifestyle all come to mind.

^and maybe frate train will resurface and join them some day.

 motherfin liar