Longshot - looking for MMA highlight video

Hey, dudes. Probably nobody is going to know what I'm talking about... but, I know I saw an MMA highlight a little while back... see if you guys remember / have ever seen this.

The video's soundtrack was a woman singing... sounded a bit like Evanescence singer, but probably not her.

The video itself was kind of about the agony of defeat.

I know that isn't much to go on. If anybody remember it, I'd love to dig it up.


Could you be thinking of one Boondock's videos? Not a woman singing, but here is one that came to mind:


Thanks, bro!

It is not that video but the style is absolutely similar, so might be another one by Boondock... going to look now.

Thanks again

Dude! Not Boondock but I think your suggestion and YouTube related suggestions lead me to it -