Look at my Cockatoo!

This is Jack the Nipper aka One eyed Jack. :) He likes to stick his head in his bell when resting.



Elvis is God.

LOL @ mind control...

No, it's a bared eyed cockatoo (also known as a Corella in Australia). Very similar to a Goffins though.


Hrmm, noticing a similarity...

cool bird

LOL at Spank.

It's been a difficult time trying to tame ole Jack. He just does not seem to want to let go of his biting habit. This makes it very difficult to form a trusting bond. In my books you're told to use the "step up" to develop dominance. Problem is, I put my hand in, he bites it. They suggest using a wooden dowell, etc. Problem is, I put it in, he bites/attacks it. This is taking longer than I expected. He is slowly warming. He's letting me scratch him through the bars more and more, but I still have to be aware as he likes to test by trying to bite me when he thinks my defences are down.

Crazy bird.


Sound inspirational.

Lure your opponents into a false sense of security.

Go Elvis Go!!!!

Congrats Elvis on your ko over Traven.Hope to see you fight in the states again!

LOL. thanks guys.


I moved Jack into a new cage. His new home is about 3-4 times bigger than his old cage. He seems alot less territorial in his new cage. It seems to helped with taming him. He's getting friendlier. Still wants to nip though. But hey,he's getting better.


That's good.Good luck with him.Just show him your fight with Traven and maybe he'll start listening!LOL

ahah thats an awesome hat

LOL @ Spanks host sending him that message. :)

Slowly making some good progress with Jack. It's only going to be a matter of time now... :)


Hehe not my host.The funny thing is that it's still taking up bandwidth to post that, very strange and amusing.

Then how did it get there?

I just linked the pic from another site.

Good Spanky. Good!