look at the bright side re: shogun

i am a fan of lyoto but am a bigger fan of shogun from his pride days. i watched the fights at a packed bar here in mexico where i live so you couldnt really ehar the commentary to sway your opinion as some people say it does. before thefight started i just knew the old shogun would show up and knew he would be a beast. even though he was robbed which i feel so bad for him seeing him cry in the dressing room, SHOGUN IS FUCKING BACK!!!!! 205 just got a lot scarier boys and girls even in defeat shogun is the true winner gained tons of new fans for his performance and made believers out of naysayers. his performance was flawless absolutely flawless everyone in the bar was shocked and literally at a loss for words just staring at the screen noone could believe it when the decision was announced. i was cursing myself pissed off i didnt put money on him and just sat there for like 15 minutes lookign around at everyone else in shock. BAD BOY 4 LIFE SHOGUN RUA IS MOTHERFUCKING BACK!!