Look at the short right Tito put on Bader

 Compare it to the right that Franklin retired Liddell with.

I'm beginning to think Tito may have done what Franklin did.


JT29 - Tito may very well have retired Chuck if he landed that shot on Chuck.

 The punches looked very similar to me...short little right on the jaw.  If it was enough to put Bader down, I have little doubt that it would have put Liddell down.

holy shit, Franklin/Ortiz would be an amazing next match.

Titos way bigger, but hey.

Ortiz vs  Stephan Bonnar imo


BlahBreh -  Lol @ Tito landing that on chuck, bullshit Phone Post

 Rotated the hips behind a short right EXACTLY like Rich did to Chack.  Rich Franklin is a natural middleweight who has never been a one shot KO artist (please spare me the Quarry fight, he knocked Quarry out after putting a beating on him) fighting with a broken arm.

 Are you saying that Tito may have retired Bader?

DamnSevern - Ortiz vs <span class="st"> <em>Stephan Bonnar</em> imo

HELL YES. Even better.