Look At This Next Time You Decide To Masturbate

Welp, looks like GeeGee’s gone for a minute lol


Explain Psalm 67 and its connection to Leviticus 15.

Not abnormal according to that passage of scripture in Leviticus 15. Only unclean. A necessary part of human nature like menses (also unclean), but a part which (according to that passage) makes one unclean upon exposure and in need of cleansing before doing other “godly” and “tribal” social stuff.

Aw, man! It looks like we’ve missed an opportunity to learn about biblical sexuality from the OP.

You can ban the teacher, but you can’t ban the fruit of the seed (or abnormal discharge) he planted with us in the OG.

We should all feel a little unclean today.


Lol as if that’s going to stop this scat-porn watching faggot from making another account…

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God can suck my unclean dick

Lol! Don’t turn your phallus or semen into an idol, bro.


Otherwise, you’ll have to consider Deut. 7:25:

The graven images of their gods shall ye burn with fire…


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Look at that horned clit!!



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I think this is the first Geegee thread I’ve read… what a roller coaster. In true OG fashion it went from “Don’t jerk off” to jerk off material. Not to mention OP’s account was frozen.

Never change OG


By user request :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: