Look familiar?

Houston vs. Phoenix

Steve Francis: 3-15, 12 pts

Cuttino Mobley: 7-20, 20 pts

Yao Ming: 11-16, 29 pts

Houston loses.

that's fucking sad

even the commentators for the raptors were talking about "running through the big man" strictly referring to yao ming and the rockets. they were talking about the scores around the nba during a raptors game

this has happened too much. yao should get at least 25 attempts. over half will drop

Fuck a Steve Francis.

Thank you for making this thread. I was gonna make a Give Yao the freaking ball thread earlier but decided against it as I was too lazy/retrded to post the other schmucks stats. thank you

If you can't shoot then don't.

"I've got bad headaches"

Steve Francis

I think his migraines kick in right as he releases his jumpshot.

Cuttino Mobley: 7-20, 20 pts

that isn't to bad.

trade francis.

correct and get a PF, oh yeah and a real PG

dan, the thing is, they both usually have shitty nights, not just one of them. lol :)