Look for Tony in new article ...

Finally found a copy of this...the magazine store
in Harvard Square seems to enjoy hiding these things
from me.

Cool article...definitely some good info.

Did anyone read the article by Richard Ryan? (Eight
Ways of Attack, I think)...at the end of it, he
references Chu Fen Do as one of the few complete
self-defense systems out there.


Just got my copy yesterday! Lots of good information and some good shots of the High Gear.

If they are smart, they will feature Tony on the cover soon. This way, women will be flocking to the magazine rack in droves!!!

Boku sales!

Seriously though, I hope to see many articles from Tony and other PDR Team members in the future.

Heck, I might even write one myself!

Take Care All,


Thanks guys...I'd love to see a series of articles by some PDR guys!!



It's a new article, just the same title as an older article from KKI with Tony and Robert Bussey.

Hope that helps,



Good article. Lots of good info in the Mag.

Just got mine this past weekend. The title threw me, but it is a great article. It makes a lot of sense if people just read the words and ask themselves the right questions.


Sure does.

Thanks Phil!

otstanding article. picked it up last night!