Look Out For This Guy!

My Name Is Tony Christodoulou I am the leader of Team Tony. I have a student which I think and everyone else who steps on the mat with him thinks is mabey the best in greece. He is awsome his takedowns are amazing almost National Colleage wrestling level. Unfortunatly we do not have that system of wrestling widly spread through the country of greece so louie was not able to prove his skill in this feild. Though in grappling he has proven to be the top and most brightest star in Greece. In his first tournament which was open weight he beat a much more experienced fighter by aggresive armbar only to lose by a contoversial descision. Since then he has benn dominet through out his career. With one year of training in my opinion he is brown belt level.

I want you guys to watch out for these rising star I will keep you up dated on his progress with footage