Look what UPS brought me...

My very own Spyderco Endura! This is the second one I've owned. I bought the first one in 1996 from the PX when I was in Germany. My old one had an intergrated plastic pocket clip. This one has a removable ambidexterous metal clip. This one also has a little dent in the unlocking lever to prevent accidental un-locking.I don't know what ever happened to my first Endura but I suspect it is in the sub-turret of an M1A1 in Germany or in the pocket of one of my soldiers that felt he needed it more than I did.

Cool, I carried a Delica for years. Lost it and bought another one. Carried it for a few more years until I lost that too...Fuckin' clips....Maybe the new metal clip will hold it better....

Great knife, IMO one of the best for the price.


Yeah I meant to add that too krept...

Put me down as another Endura fan. I don't care one way or another for the changes which I think came around 1998. I think the main benefit is for lefties, who can clip it in a more natural way on their dominant side by reversing the clip with needlenose pliers.

Oh, the dent. The dent is totally good.

Full serrations for me, personally.

That's weird I just bought an Endura 5 min. ago on ebay.

Full serrations for me, personally.I went back and forth on this one. Both Enduras I've owned were 50/50 blades. I was tempted to go with a plain edge since they are easier to maintain but in the end the 50/50 won out and it was more or less a decision based on aesthetics.