Look who's bangin Ali


jesus that dance just keeps going

Go to her myspace, she confirms it

At least Diego is a star, Burkman is a low level B fighter and hes banging the hottest ring girl the UFC has ever had.

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I have a new respect for Diego.


I prefer left

All the disrespectful post about Diego got deleted.

Manhoef has the greatest entrance ive ever seen.

Manhoef rocks.

Oh, the chick has nice airbrushing.

I wish all fighter danced to the ring as fleet-footed as Manhoef.

I remember when he won TUF. Didnt he have a girlfriend that was all over the tv when he was in the finale?

who bloody cares

LOL @ the haters.......As if dating one of you losers would be a step up.

That's Manhoef? I thought it was Billy Blanks.

damn u diego

I'LL give'er an airbrushing