Looking 4 fights 4 Dustin Hazelett

I am look for some serious fights for Dustin Hazelett.


Dustin is a member of Team Jorge Gurgel, and is one of the instructors of Huntington BJJ Academy in Huntington, WV.  Not only is he a Full-time BJJ competitor & MMA Fighters, he is also a Full-time College Student!  Dustin has only be training for 3 years, yet in that time he has already attained a 4-stripe Purple Belt in BJJ (under Jorge Gurgel), has won many BJJ & Grappling titles, and has devastating Striking!





* Has wins over Rhalan Gracie (Relson's Son) & Jason Ireland, and fought a WAR with Junior Assuncao!

* Has fought in H-2-H Combat, Gracie Fighting Championship, Full Throttle, King of the Cage, and FFC


We are looking to as early as June!


At this point; the Match-up is the most important thing, as we want to fight someone that would place Dustin into title contention within that or any other orginazation (obviously outside the UFC)!


If interested, please contact:

Dustin Ware




Thanks for your time.