Looking 4 fights in the SouthEast

Just curious if any fights are coming up in the Southeast or anywhere else for that matter? I've got the itch to start fighting again in January 05.

Any promoters interested email me at Bledsoe74@aol.com

why dont you tell about yourself

Brandon, good luck! It would be great to see you back in the ring/cage again.

Fill out this form on the Shooto Americas website so I'll have all of your latest info.

Fighters Info


shows in Louisiana, Mississippi and the rest of the Gulf South.

Will do Johnny, Thanks again

The Cannibal,

I'm not sure what all you want to know but Ive fought for HnS,AFC,Gladiators Challenge and many other events.

I train with Helio Soneca Moreira (Gracie Barra Black belt)

12-8 in MMA overall 5-2in mma since I went to 145lbs . By no means am I the greatest but I'll fight just about anyone.

brandon, check out realitycombat.tv as kbeezy suggested. those guys put on an excellent show and the 145 lb division is one of the featured ones. they'll also put other guys from your team on the card. i highly recommend this show as one of the best out there.

Hey Opie! I got a list and some leads for you.. I will be in touch tonight and we can discuss then!


Thanks for all the help

Blake Grice

Yes I am in TN. I know Casey and we are on the same Team but I dont see him or get to train with him as much as I would like.

He is in Johnson City and I am in Knoxville w/Soneca

Bogart shouldnt it be dopie instead?


I think that depends on the day dont it?


What up Bledsoe? I too took a break and will be fighting again soon. Good luck bro.
Brandon is a warrior who always brings it!

ttt for Brandon

TTT for a vet

ttt for a tough guy!


aint it about time for the beatin ive been promising you........quit ducking me ...
tim moab stout

Thanks guys

Tiny timmy stout even though you keep dropping weight I can stay at least 2 weight classes below you. So cut off your leg and we'll go a round or 2. Winner is the real MOAB hahahaha

Good to see you back Sandman. How is MI?

ttt for brandon "firecracker" bledsoe

Dont know bro...im in florida know! :)
nice to hear from ya..not many of the "Ol Schoolers" left. lol