Looking at buying a new car

Hey dudes, I came to you guys 4 years ago for my last car, and ended up buying a WRX, and I have to say it was BY FAR the best choice I could have made. Even now, every day I can't wait to get in my car and drive.

However I am looking at a new car. I want a sports car, with versatility. I dont want a WRX STi.

I'm looking at either a used M3, in the 02-04 range, around $50-60 CDN, which I guess is $45-55k USD. Anyone have an M3? What are the pros and cons?

What other options do I have in that price range?

The second price range I'm considering is just maxing out what I can afford for a brand new car. I like the BMW 650i, and boy the M6 is sweet, but it's $130k which is pushing it for me.

What are the options at the 6 series price range?

Hey, PR are you from Canada?

STi Limited.

just have back up money for repairs.

I hate you....those cars are all amazing.

Don't see the point in getting the 6 series though if the 3 will do. M3 is known to be an amazing car. You literally couldn't go wrong there IMO.

If you want more space...M5 is the daddy.

MR2 with mustang wheels.

Mullet is satisfyingly correct.


What's ridic is that trading the WRX for the M3 I'm going to lose so much. Obv the M3 is a superior machine, but man am I going to miss AWD, four doors, and sick trunk space. There go the days of looking for snow days to go have fun in. No more taking 3 buddies snowboarding/skiing. No more picking up a dozen 8 foot 2x4's for reno's on my house.

M5 is your answer dude.

I just saw the M5 at the auto show here last week, and I'm just not sold on the new look for the BMW sedans. Anyone have any pics of the new M3's coming out?

The 6 series BMWs are sick. I suggest an S series Audi.

Yeah I saw the RS4 or whatever. Any drive that yet?

Ive never but I am an Audi owner and I love the car and the service I get. It snows here in the winter, so the quattro (and good winter tires) really hugs the road. Bad weather is not a concern.

Pop, if you are talking to me, no I got the WRX sedan.

Yeah there's a pass-thru in the back seat, and a 8 footer 2x4 fit perfectly from the back of the trunk right thru the front seats just short of the radio. I think I piled in 10-12 2x4's in one shot too.

if u like the wrx, then u will love the mitubishi evo. my brother just got an evo 9, and its great, i had a my99 wrx, and it shits all over it

otherwise, look at the vw r32, or the rs4

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