Looking for 155# NW Ammy to fight on Sat! 4/13

Looking for a 155# Ammy to fight at PRIME FIGHTING in Vancouver WA this Saturday (April 13th!) vs a 155'er thats 7-4 out of Art of War in Eugene OR.

Preferably will be willing to come back and fight for a title if you win, as Im looking for this to be a #1 contender type thing.

Travel, Fri and Sat hotel paid for, and WA Sate License fee's paid for you.

But the kicker is you need to get on this TODAY in order to get the paperwork in for the State of WA MMA License.

Here is the WA License Paperwork:

And Federal Fighter ID Paperwork:

Please hit me up on my Email at Trentthesandman@hotmail.com if you are interested or have a fighter thats interested.. This is a pro/am show but have all the pro spots filled this time around.

Thanks guys!
Trent Standing

OH, and PRIME FIGHTING's website:


TTT Please!

I did lol

You know I've tried to find you fighter before on the UG, but not too many of the local guys are here.. The only other place I would be able to help you is with the guys at One-MMA, but all the coaches are in Vegas right now


Yeah, I appreciate it! Now I need a new 170 for an 0-0 kid and a 155.. Treating these guys really well, even if they come from Idaho or Cali we are paying travel and such!

...^^ LOL did you read my thing at all?

Do u need blood work, etc...to fight in the state? Phone Post

No Bloodwork required. WA State License required and will be paid for by the show ($25)

BernardHopkins - hey man im 4-1 pro, 205lbs.

live in rochester NY

ill do it
How are you a 4-1 pro and was also stood up for a Amateur fight this week? Hahaha

TTT to get a 155'r Phone Post 3.0

^^ Ya, lol

TTT - need to know by noon.

...shit.. do fighters wake up before noon?

All the ammy fighters around here and you still need to fill another spot.. damn Trent lol

All the ammy fighters in the NW at 155 are COWARDS! lol