Looking for a 145lb opponent for May 17th!



This fight will be for the 145 RFL Pro Belt vs WEC vet Stephen Ledbetter.   It will take place in Macon, GA  at the Macon Coliseum.


Please  contact me or Mammothse.com


thanks, Frank

Hey Frank, you might want to put your contact info on there.


I might have a guy. Post your contact info and I'll be in touch.

or email me rick@massmma.net

up for frank

 You can contact me on here, through the mammothse.com page, or email Rory at


Renato Tavares ATT

ttt for frank

contact midwestfights.com

up it goes

I sent out a email. I have a very tough 7-2 guy ready to go.

I want to thank everyone for their interest in beating up Stephen LOL. I believe we have fighter lined up and as soon as a contract is signed I will be able to release the fight. Georgia law states that you cannot promote a fight until both fighters have signed on the dotted line. Thank you again.

Rory Singer

I was hoping to hear back again today, i talked to someone earlier today and they sounded interested in my guys! Keep us posted

145 RFL Pro Belt!!!!!

maumoco de la rose

tonny canales,

hey if your person backs out i want in.....


call me. Camp


Top for Stephen. Good kid. Good fighter.