looking for a fight under 130 lbs

I'm looking for a fight for the next KOTR in Va Beach in August. I weigh about 125 and will take anyone under 130. Anyone interested, contact me or the head of the KOTR.

Little Fucker!!!!

damn that is fun to say

that's a small dude

i walk around at that. lol i'm a 22 y/o guy, so yeah it sux to be small.

cool, are you on the east coast?

I'm 295 but I need fights, I'll cut to your class.

I was in sombo for roughly 7 years, wrestled my whole life, a little boxing instructions. I'm in PA.

I'm from the midwest, and can make 130. I also have some guys here that can make under that. If your interested contact me at Hass.Ryan@gmail.com

You should try posting on the Canada forum.

Maybe you could bulk up to 132.2 and fight Richard "Monkey" Nancoo. I wouldn't if I was you though.

I'm 5'4, ryh is va beach too far for ya?

I can't gain weight whatsoever. I'm trying to put it on now, but it's not happenin.

You would be suprised how big a 130 pounder can look...I'm 5'8", 135 lbs. I don't think I'm a little guy (maybe I'm in denial LOL).

my record is 5-2, i lost my last 2 fights to heavier guys.


Monkey's perfect weight is 123.2 (anything 130 and under) but we would need someone with some experience. I suspect KOTR know about Monkey - can't remember. m1k42@yahoo.com

oh yeah, the fight site is www.kingofthering.org but it's not working right now for some reason. if ur lookin for info on me my last name is acedo-malaney

what's monkey's name?

what is the date of the fight?

not sure yet, august sometime. they just had fights last weekend. how u been tommy gun? i fought you a while back.

i walk around at 128 so get me the info if u need me=nokizarukata@yahoo.com

yea man its been a while im good how are you? id be willing to fight you at 130 if your willing to do it again. it was fight of the night last time :)