Looking for a good Jiu jitsu association

I run a school now that is more MMA/Stiking oriented. But i have a few students only interested in BJJ. I'm a 4 stripe BJJ blue belt but i havent really taught BJJ awhole lot and have more of a no gi/MMA mindset. I'm looking to get back into the gi and get promoted but i'm also looking for a an association i can run with that will help me get my students promoted and serve as a network for our gym, I have looked into a few but decided not to go with certain ones because of the crazy prices and standards for promotion, I by no means run a MCdojo and want to prevent my gym from becoming a belt factory so im looking for someone who is REAL and not a "mini corporation" I live and teach in Columbia, sc

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 You are some what close to Alliance in Atlanta. I would contact them. That's a great team to be a part of.

I highly recommend Rey Diogo. www.reydiogo.com

gracie torrance cost alot,maybe ck relson ,royler,or anyone else with the gracie name or 10th planet with joes help and a few more ufc.

not being a smart ass,it could be the best way to make money,if its not about the money,then im sure anyone mentioned on this thread will be a perfect fit

^Yeah, if you're looking to drum up more students anything with a Gracie or Bravo in the name is gonna bring a reasonably steady supply. If you're looking for personal attention for the ones you already have you're probably gonna need a black belt who is either close by or frequently available to make the trip.

I'm partial to Caique but I'm guessing his plate is reasonably full by now, so if you're not able to level up yourself with frequent visits to the West that's probably not a match for you.

Of course, I wouldn't argue with Andre choice, BUT I'd also consider: What black belts are close by, like the above poster mentioned. You don't need someone with a big "formal" association to be an affiliate, you just need somone who will take you under his wing.

I say look for someone of quality who is not too far away because you will be the one paying to fly them in for seminars, etc. Odds are you'll probably be happier with somone like that.

Also, I wouldn't look for someone with TOO many affilaites; You will just be another number.

Good luck.

I highly reccomend 10th planet.

You already have an internet connection, so you are all set.

Do you smoke weed?

Consider SBGi

www.robsonmoura.com welcomes strickers who want to ad the ground game.

John Graybeal

What are all around joining fees for general associations? I for one do not think one should pay much for name use only. So it very much depends what comes with the fees...

well if he is only a blue belt he will need more then just the use of a name

Yes. For example he needs seminars. And these things cost money and that is totally cool in my book.

But I am rather opposed to "general membership fees" on that organizational level.

My advice is to start making trips to a school (whether a main school or an affiliate) within driving distance (even if it is a few hours away and you can only get there every couple/few weeks). Develop a relationship with the instructor(s) and the team and then talk to them about becoming part of the team.

Associations should be built on relationships, not on money.


APA is correct.

Isn't Luis "Sucuri" Togano (sp?)close to there? He's an alliance guy if i'm not mistaken. I'm not sure what his focus (mma/bjj) but I've always heard good things about him regarding BJJ.

 RGDA is a good one to be associated with.


Where are you in Columbia? I am looking for a school there.


www.robsonmoura.com These guys will help you with any little you need help with. This is a great association.