Looking for a Kimono

Been training for 15 years. I have seen my share of gi's come and go. The most reliable gi has been Atama, my 2nd favorite is the Kimono Fighter. The current gi's that peak my interest are Hayabusa. Keiko, Storm and Shoyoroll (always sold out tho) anyone have any experience with these gi's? Or any other suggestions? thx

I guarantee you will get ZERO feedback on this thread.

I have 2 keiko gi's and 2 Atamas keikos are not even 2 and are in worse shape than my 6 yr old Atamas Phone Post

My next name brands gonna be tatami I think Phone Post

Atama, Koral then Fuji, IMO.

 vulkan pro light is good.

koral mkm is good

The collar on the Vulkan and Koral shrivel up! Phone Post

Shoyoroll goes on presale tonight. But while you are waiting
My second favorite gi is the Gameness feather. Phone Post

SleepBomb -  vulkan pro light is good.

koral mkm is good

 i have had a vulkan pro lite for over two years and it hasn't become bacon

you just can't do mad heat on anything with a rubber collar

dry it on low to about 50-70% dry then let it hang dry the rest of the way

Vulkan pro lite may be my next gi Phone Post

storm typhoon is comphy soft and roomy in the chest. feels bulletproof. only problem is patch placement but for non comp its great, they are coming out with 3 new gis in 2012. but they are trying to get rid of some of their stock first i think.love it

shoyoroll compadre is goldweave and soft but fit is off aswell as stitching love the pants and looks sharp but was expecting a better fit. hope the new size fits better.

like the storm better. and no 5 month wait.