Looking for a new job and welcome the OG's advice, TMA

tired of my current position. been a while since i actively looked. anyone got any advice for a job hunt in 2021? i currently work in the financial services industry but would consider a move to another if the transition and ramp up is realistic.

should i:
waste my time on job sites like indeed, etc?
call a recruiter?
list my vaccination status on my resume?
include my OG screen name on my resume?
any other things i should be considering?

Learn to code.


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@JJitsu may be able and willing to get you an entry (and exit) level position in the exciting world of the independent film industry.



I’ve been getting a lot of interviews from Indeed. At least once a week. And those are unsolicited - as in they are reaching out to me.


I’m not actively looking for a job but I am weird and enjoy doing job interviews.

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$300 per scene and possibly more if you’re willing to do butt stuff

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not weird at all, smart actually. you can learn a lot by doing them. it can also be empowering when you don’t need the job.


Go on……

I made a switch, still very similar career but not completely overlapping skill set.

I had the most success by applying online, then immediately following up with a cold call through LinkedIn.

For example I saw a job that was somewhat inline with what I thought I may want, but I only had about 30% overlap with what what they were looking for.

I filled out the online application, then I went on linked in and found the HR person and sent a personal message and found an MD listed and sent one to him. Neither were the correct people but they directed me to them and I walked in for my first interview two days later.

In the interview they told me the direct contact is what had them consider me, otherwise the resume would have gotten lost in an algo.

I went through three rounds before stepping down from consideration to take a different offer.

This was at First Republic.


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How I ended up in my current job:

There was a JR Trader position listed. Associate level. I figured what the hell I will ask anyway. The conversation with the recruiter was brief and he said I was over qualified and asked if I could recommend someone more Jr since I had been around a bit.

I told him it sounded like they were bargain shopping and really needed someone more Sr.

Four months later I followed up and asked how their search went, and they confided that it turned into a disaster.

I then went in and interviewed and shared my thoughts and got hired into a Sr position. I was lacking a lot of technical skills that I hustled to fill in the position as I envisioned it had 50/50 overlap with my experience.

It was the follow up call that got the serious conversations going.


good advice.

not that it matters, just curious: 30% and you took your hat out of the ring after 3 interviews? do you think an offer was likely? 30% seems like a poor match.

Always look for a position with an obvious advancement path.


An offer was incoming. I had never traded bayside or fixed income. I was coming from trading equities and options and running several sales books.

There was overlap in the equity trading, but not in the fixed income or operational duties.

The 30% didn’t matter. They brought me in when I made the direct personal contact. The MD was sure I would be able to fill in the gaps.

I was in the late stages at First Republic and at IEX, I stepped away from both for the gig I have now.


I think the mistake people make is they don’t approach it like a sales game.

They fill out a few applications, call a recruiter, and wait.

I read a study where they measured that a sale generally isn’t made until the 7th to 8th point of contact. 95% of people never make a second point of contact.

I have considered that in everything I do and ever since have been more successful.

Follow up and reach out to people directly.


If we have any industry overlap and I can be helpful in any way feel free to reach out off the OG.

Why do you want to look for a job and keep working for the man?

You should start an OG wealth management and financial services firm specifically tailored to our demographics.

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Butt stuff will certainly help with entry level openings


@bullson most OGers go dutch on dates and don’t tip. This isn’t a great place to source revenue lol.