looking for a soft gi

none of this gold weave body armor stuff.. who makes a super soft, comfortable gi? dont want no chafing here!

I havent used one in a looooong time, but Krugans used to be the softest gis. Those things were damn comfy, but not very durable.

These days, the softest Ive found are the black korals. The white ones arent soft at all, but the dyeing process for the black ones seems to keep them very soft.

hey dre!

i know, ive got the same one(and love it), but i need to start cycling in another gi.. maybe ill just go with another dark koral from your buddy at jiujitsuprogear..

thanks bro

wow, I have a hard enough time trying to convince people that bjj isn't
gay as it is. Now people want the softest gi's possible?

I'm gonna go train judo.

good luck getting them to let you wear any patches.

you do realize charmins outsells generic single ply stuff right? by a lot.

Heres an idea.. Sure it might cut down the life of your gi by 2 weeks but wtf cares.


Soft indeed...

Vulkan my friend. You will never go back.

yeah you will..in about 12mos for a new gi after it falls apart.

Century Deluxe Single Weave Judo Gi

The top is VERY soft on the inside and the pants are amazingly comfortable.

funny u should mention that about krugans. from my experience and from everyone that i know that has owned one, krugans actually have admitted to using sandpaper in their gis

my keiko is pretty soft. but its also pretty new so i dont really know how it will be in a few months.

also the lucky gis yeah they are expensive but that lining on the inside looks really comfortable.

just get a lightweight one from piranha or something,even tiger claw.you can get a top and bottom single weave for like 40 bucks.they ae great for training in the summer. but they basically have no collar stiffness whatsoever.

howard summer weave, its like a bath robe.


....all the better to choke you with :)

kin skin is the softest