Looking for a UFC 77 floor seat

Had a couple of friends back out of going to UFC 77 in Cincinnati, so I decided to go myself. Looking for a nice floor seat if anyone has a ticket they are selling.

I know I can go to Ebay and buy tickets, just thought I would check here first to see if anyone was selling.


I have always had good luck at Concert Connection www.tkt.com, ask for Jason or John.

I'll check them out. Thanks


Lawdog....don't you wish you had my seat.......LOL. How you been??

Someone give The Dog a Seat as a retainer !!!!!

HKP is wise.

Matheny, you bastard! Have you heard whether Agosta is working the event?

Looks like I'll grab a ticket off Ebay...was just looking to fill a UGers pocket with cash first.