Looking for a varmint air rifle. TME

SIG makes a really nice one

I prefer .177. Flatter flight. .22 has dramatic drop after about 30 yards.

I have a Theoben and a BSA.

I grew up with a Gamo, they make a nice gun.


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22lr lever action or bolt
With CB Caps

Just as quiet as pellets and more accurate.


Go with bolt. Makes you feel cooler, like that cunt on that movie about starlingrad

Go with this to teach those pesky starlings

You can get an air rifle that will kill small wild hogs for that price range

Which one do you like in .22lr lever?

You have to spend big bucks if you want to hit birds from 50 to 100 yards. They have air powered sniper guns that would do the job. Probably 2k. I’ve made long shots with my gamo whisper .22 but 50 yards is sort of luck. I guess I could put a better scope on it but it would cost more than my gun

I’ve got cartridge fire guns for bigger animals if I need. For the air rifle I’m more interested in consistent accuracy and relatively quiet muzzle pop so that’s why I’m willing to pay a little more than the usual plinker air rifles.

My gun is pretty quiet and the big pellets are subsonic and have enough mass to take down a chicken from 30 to 50 yards if I can hit it. Chickens have wings that act like armor, if you don’t have power it won’t kill them. I sometimes wait till they face me and I shoot them in the chest

Are you shooting wild chickens?
Like they are a pest?

What about mongoose? Those fuckers were everywhere last time i was in Maui.
Cant remember if they were on Kauai…

We have no mongoose

Chickens are absolutely pests. They wake you up at 3am, tear up your yard and gardens, shit all over.

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They are worse than squirrels

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Always fun to hear how others live

Gotcha. I have a Gammo quietcat laying around for garden varmints and starling murder. Despite its name, it doesn’t seem all that quiet, but is decently accurate out to reasonable ranges.

I’ve thought about upping my game to a PCP rifle just for the hell of it, but there’s no way i’m shelling out the kind of money it would take to get a quiet one like Daystate or FX


Large caliber custom rifles.

Wanna really show those varmints who is boss?