Looking for a varmint air rifle. TME


You said it…

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I have a Gamo Showstopper break barrel .177, but it’s accuracy is very inconsistent…

Muzzle velocity is 1650 fps.

That’s 100% untrue. I have an 880 and it can take out pigeons easily at 50 yds.

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Damn, screen name checks out! This kid is quick!

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Use the ruger with Colibri ammo from aguila.

Quieter than an air rifle. Pretty accurate inside of 20 yards. 20 grain bullet. 400 fps.


Air rifles are why you need here. Try and shoot a gun in a neighborhood here and you could be fucked


I supposed you could shoot a suppressed .22 subsonic and just show the pellet gun if the police came by. Still I wouldn’t mess with guns here. Hawaii is very anti gun

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The colibris are quieter than an air gun. I was shooting with my brother and slipped one into the 22 revolver. He legit thought it was a failure to fire. Didn’t hear it with muffs on. When he saw all the empty cases he checked for a squib. They are quieter than CCI quiet through a suppressor. I’ve shot them in my (finished) basement with my wife upstairs and she didn’t know.

In my city you’d probably get in more trouble for shooting an air gun.

Since I’m planning on shooting birds, I’m not going to use my Ruger .22 lr since there will be times I’ll try to knock them off branches or roofs. A miss from aiming parallel or higher to the ground and any of the rimfire projectiles can reach my neighbors’ properties. Though I live out in the sticks, there are neighbors within range on 3 out of 4 sides of my house. It’s not good gun safety protocol to be using cartridge fire guns in what I want this rifle for.

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Even if you have a high-end suppressed .22, you want a PCP for residential pest control.

No matter how good of a shooter you are, there is always the chance of a ricochet. And if it ends up through someone’s window and the cops find the bullet, you are done.

Bottom line is that a pellet gun is not a firearm. That has very substantial consequences in the legal system at many levels.

I have a Benjamin Marauder .25. It does everything I could ask for varmint wise. The only negative is weight. You basically have to shoot it off a bipod. Wouldn’t want to shoot it offhand.

I thought about getting an EdGun Leishy 2… But there are reliability issues, both with the design itself and their US importer.


I shot a subsonic 22 at a pidgin eating my dogs food, I missed and the bullet ricocheted off the metal dish, it made on of those Hollywood sounds. Glad no one got hurt and I didn’t have the cops visit me.

The Benjamin Maximus in .177 is one of 3 PCPs I’m considering so far.

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Try to do at least .22.

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