Looking for a Wrestling Camp

Through Jr. High and Highschool I heard the Wrestlers talk about this wrestling camp in Texas where the training and conditioning was top-notch.

I actually think it was like a summer camp, but, I cannot for the life of me remember it.

Any one just happen to know?


J Robinson Minnesota Head Coach has an intensive camp in the summer that is a month long...Believe he has them in multiple places every summer.....One of the hardest months of my life was being a "camper" there for a month:)

 My brother went to J Robinson for the month long intensive & won OW there...but he said he ate like a machine and was still losing weight. He showed up there around 135 & came home 119. It works well though as he came back & won 2 state titles in both Freestyle & Greco & went through his season 33-2 with 26 tech falls.

My sophmore year I had a 12-9 record, went to JRobinson's camp that summer and was 34-3 the next year. That camp changed my life as a competitor, I did it!

Better go in the best shape you can get in, it's no joke.

Thanks, I'm not sure that is the exact camp I was thinking of, but, I appreciate the responses.


In texas I'm not sure, JROB camp in minnesota is awesome, Bishop Lynch in Texas might host one, idk tho.

It's the only camp, if you want to be the best you can be! I have done others and that month long camp will help you get to the next level, just do it!

JRobinson is a good camp. Ken Chertow has a grueling month long camp too. there are also 5 day ones as well.

open to adults ???

Without a doubt J Robinson camp was the best wrestling camp I ever went to.... TTT for J Robinson and young aspiring wrestlers

"open to adults ???"

There were some dads that were there going through the workouts with us but not wrestling. If you have credentials they would probably use a volunteer, you should contact J and ask him.

The Oregon Ducks had a 2 week camp that was about on par with the J Robinson but just a shorter time....to bad for title 9.