Looking for an ASAP fight at 55-70

Ryan Bixler

Out of Oskaloosa, IA but willing to drive to just about anywhere. Injury fill in for next week, just need another pro fight, whatever. Ready to go.

Would prefer to do something at 60 or more, but let's talk.

Training full time, will put on a show.

hit me up:



I don't know if he's looking for pro fighters (It only looked like ammy), but Dan Severn is putting on a Danger Zone event in Michigan on like July 24th.


Also, I'm sure you've already checked, given your location, but Extreme Challenge might be able to help you out...I know sometimes they have pros on their cards.

 I have good guys at 155 and 170 that would be willing to fight him! I'm out of Chicago so were close, if we can find a promotion to put it on I can probably give him an opponent.

 I have Douglas Evans at 145 or would fight at 155 looking for a fight. Then I have Kevin Nowaczyk that is 170 that is a looking for a fight.

homo sapient - I hear TBD is available
Who is TBD?


Fighttrader- got your email, We will take on any of those options, like I said, 170 would not be the preference tho.


60 or more is last minute. Can easily hit 55 with a bit of notice.

Rand McPherson - 60 or more is last minute. Can easily hit 55 with a bit of notice.

 At 155 I have Mark Miller UFC Vet and Douglas Evans UFC Vet. Mark is fighting on the Bellator card on August 19th but it's a one fight deal so he is looking for a fight after that. Evans likes to fight at 145 more but would take a fight at 155 as well.

Bixler vs Miller sounds pretty good. Now we need a promoter.

Would love to ring in the 4th of July with a fight. July 3rd would be sweet!

Any leads, any needs?

 Mark can't fight until after his fight for Bellator on August 19th, but after that he is game to take a fight!



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