Looking for **Boxing Ring** to buy

I'm from Iowa and looking for a boxing ring to buy.

I'd prefer a used one, but if anyone can point me in the direction or send me some information, that would be great.



Please TTT


No help today?

Actually, someone posted a used ring for sale not long ago, but since I'm a mudnamer I can't search through threads.

Can any of you big-spending bluenamers help?

Yeah, being I'm in the same boat, I couldn't go back to it.

Gotcha, will try to keep it up for ya!

Thanks I appreciate it. Can't seem to find a used boxing ring anywhere =(


ThomasDMI, where are you located? I know someone who is selling a used ring, in great condition.

I'm located in Central Iowa.

Please shoot me an e-mail at Rudooph54@mchsi.com with the details.

Thanks a ton!

Any luck with this Thomas?

I live in Iowa and I have a slightly used boxing ring for sale. Very good condition. Are you in Des Moines?? I'm just assuming you are because of the DMI. I'm in Waukee. Shoot me an e-mail at jiujitsu_joe@yahoo.com or leave a name and number on this thread and I will call you.


wonder if this guy is coming back.

Joe- I think he may have found one, but not 100%. I will have him shoot you can email.

Thanks John!

I'm shootin' ya an e-mail right now! Thank!