Looking for cheap hex/trap bar and bumper plates.

Anyone know the cheapest place to get some bumpers and a trap/hex bar? Phone Post 3.0

Dude, you make Mod money, why you going cheap?! Phone Post 3.0

Baller ass OGer, rougefitness.com

Craigslist or elitefts.com

Mumbly Joe -

Craigslist or elitefts.com

Been checking craigslist and a few "Tag sale" sites.

Maybe I should look around the neighborhood for eyes sales. Phone Post 3.0

Ate you a crossfitter ? Phone Post 3.0

I just bought one on Amazon for $100. I went with the HD bar that weighed 85lbs since the additional cost over the normal bar was less than the extra weight plates I would have to buy. Phone Post 3.0

Trap bar deadlift is not real deadlift!!

Jk I use a trap bar in my basement. It was given to me. Hope this helps. Phone Post 3.0

$78 at Walmart. Is that a good price?

http://www.walmart.com/ip/37201746?wmlspartner=wlpa Phone Post 3.0

disbeliever - Lol at you lifting, weak sauce Phone Post 3.0
I would choke you out and then fuck your ass.

Or we could just skip to the ass fucking. :-) Phone Post 3.0

increase the panic - Amazon. I got a hex bar delivered for 78 bucks.

750lb capacity. Only complaints in the reviews were that the bar had rust on it when it showed up or that the handles weren't welded perfectly straight.

Well tough shit, you little fairies!! You paid 78 dollars for a barbell that you LIFT WEIGHTS WITH. It ain't meant for beauty contests.

Mine is fucking perfect btw. Except for some rust. Phone Post 3.0
Elevated handles or flat? I have the flat Phone Post 3.0