Looking for feedback on my technique videos

Hey guys I recently started up a youtube site where I put up a number of techniques that I like to use. I am looking for some constructive feedback from people that know the game but don't feel obligated to be nice. So please take a look and let me know what you think good, bad, or otherwise. www.youtube.com/jbelljitsu

A little bit about me -
I received my brown belt from Royce Gracie back in June of 09 and have been training for about 9 years or so and can currently be found training and teaching at Plus One Defense Systems in West Hartford CT. I won Naga twice back in 2003 when I was a blue and recently took first in the Super Heavy Weight Masters Expert division in New Jersey. I don't claim to be a technical guru but I believe that I have something to offer the jiu-jitsu community and I would greatly appreciate your feedback so that I may provide the best quality (free) product possible.


Jay Bell

okay. Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing...lapel chokes from mount: I think your weight is too centered. If you want to block the arm with your leg, you can still do it while cheating your weight to your left. I think these are good ideas, but are secondary to getting your hips under the other elbow. Then you have either s-mount (if the other elbow comes up) or mounted triangle (if the other elbow stays down), along with a few other things...so no matter what he does with that other arm, you've pretty much got him.

failoplata - interesting. My legs may be a bit short for that, but might be good for long lanky guys...@ 1:53 I would work more to hooking your right leg in front of his face so that he can't sit thru under your leg like a single leg pass. Even if he postures, you've got the kimura, wristlock or straight armbar at that point.

You seem to be focused on killing the roll forward, step over your head or posture up defenses, but there are 2 other passes that you need to be more aware of if you're gonna hang out with your leg draped over the back of his head.
@ 2:00 when you're breaking the posture, keeping that leg curled down but posting on both of your hands and scooting away not only kills his posture, but may tap him right there or at least open up under his left arm. This will also make him too busy to do 1 of 2 passes...grab your right foot and sit thru with his left left and coming around for a pass or roll under left leg.

Thanks for the feedback. Please keep it coming.


I've only watched about 4 of them, one twice, but I really like them.

I like the fail0plata and the arm bar from it. I'll definitely try that one.

As far as feedback.

Keep doing gi and no gi. More sweeps and performing the technique once or twice at full speed or w/slight resistance is always goo IMHO.

Good luck and keep it up.

who are you on that site?

there is a blue named jay and a brown.

the brown is good, obviously.

with respect to the vid of jay blue vs. jay brown.

you can't give someone a dominant grip on the collar. especially a brown or up. it's very certain they'll parlay that into a strong sweep or strong attack on neck.

the vidsw/ teh jay blue vs. white belts all i saw was that you should try knee on belly more. it will open up subs for that jay more. w/ gi, get the near side grip undertheir head on the collar and go knee ride. it will open up alot.

in jay vs. brian, jay brown vs. brian blue.

brown is raising hips alot from top position.

i mean, it's not like the brown is 'gaming' the blue. he's kind of going w/ the flow, which is cool. a bunch of times the blue was able to reverse or get open guard when brown was dominant top, but it looked more like it was cuz the brown was ok w/ that and just like 'whatever' attitude as he is comfortable going back to neutral position and trying to pass again.

another less bjj technical than just down right sports truth is conditioning/body shape. the brown is doing ok wind wise it looks, but they are for most part lower belts. when i got to brown i had the wake up call to get in serious shape. brown belt jay is in decent shape, but i'm sure we can all improve on that regardless of where we're at. i personally found it hell going against an in shape brown or black from my dojo or a hungry as fuck in shape purple. yeah, i'm doing fine in first 10 mins, but by round 4 i'm having to drop the hammer on some of the purples as i'm pretty dead, wind wise. this was a few months ago. it's getting better w/ the more rolling and extra conditioning time put in.

my bad.... jay is a brown and jay blue is actually luis. nevermind w/ all that.

nice site.

tell mr. x to ditch the socks.

hey there j, im watching your naga footage now. ill comment on it later. its cool that you put it out there tho, competition footage rarely looks as good as it feels when its going on.

Guys, Thanks again for all the feedback.

Mrgoodarmbar - thanks for the technical comments as I'm always looking for ways to improve my game and teaching ability and it helps to get unfiltered feedback from someone who is not my student

Puzzled - I will work to add more sweeps and demos at full speed. Thanks!

Empire - I hear you about the need to get in better shape and the wake up call at receiving brown. I still have a long way to go but I've lost about 15-20 lbs since receiving my brown as I too had the "wake up call". By the way, I did tell Mr. X to ditch the socks but he apparently has some circulatory issue (his words) that causes his feet to go numb in the colder months and I didn't feel like pressing the issue.

elbigsam - I'm not too thrilled with my performance in those comp vids but figured what the hell. My instructor asked me to fight in the super heavy weight class for gi (I'm about 198) as he thought it would provide an interesting challenge.

Thanks again for the comments!!


breaking the posture - In the first eg when the other guy has double belt grip, don't forget that you have a wristlock on him. I like to go for this first. Use both hands to scoop behind the same elbow and sit up by curling your rib cage over his hand...If manages to let go, that cross grip lets you drag the elbow and sit out at an angle to him.

@ 3:11 I like the way you post on your elbow here. I was going to mention that in the example where he has a grip under your arm pit...I would stress gluing your chest to the back of his shoulder. I saw you did it, but I think that this is the key of that position.

When the opponent has under your arm pit. He can get control under both arm pits when you reach across with the other arm...I like to lift the hip on the same side. I rest my hand on my hip (since his elbow is usually blocking my hand). As I drop my hip, my hand comes under his arm and continues to circle for an overhook as I sit up a little to get the overhook above the elbow.

in 'jay vs. brian parness'
you are being too kind to him. smash that fucking head/neck. it's stalemated cuz you're head/neck pressure is not there. also in half guard if it's not hppening for me, i'll do the position where your back is to their face. put your right arm hooking his left leg and start scooting towards his head trapping his right arm in the process.

i'll look at other comp vids later.

 Good thread, and nice videos....

in 'jay vs. manolo'

guy has got an obviously good base.
i think again you're kind of lax. a relentless underhook game may have helped. it also could've opened things up for manolo as well. he did manage to maintain a deep underhook on you. you have to kill that shit. get the underhook and off to your side. other arm prevents the cross face. should've kept it circling to your left by underhooking deep and threatening the get up/reversal.

at 3:45 i would have switched to a deep half guard to perhaps an x-guard. mind you, that's my game and what i would do. if it's not your thing, maybe experiment w/ that. i called that time because it was a moment where your head and arm were close to his untrapped leg and his weight was kind of floating above you rather than him driving w/ full weight down.

hope you don't mindthe criticism. shit's easier in hindsight. i'd say as a general critique, you need to 'drop the hammer'. be more 'vicious'. not nasty, just apply the pressure like a mean fucker.

question for you... did you train at full intensity leading up to comp or did you just keep it like any average work out leading up to the comp?

'jay vs. monster'

jesus. been there. i usually range between 200 and 230. i've had to go against those guys before. which leads me to my preference... side control. i don't like to take back w/ hooks in or mount on guys that fucking big and strong. they have so much leverage even from a shitty position that you have to be quick and able to adjust fast. you need to play little man's jiu jitsu. i like to threaten w/ the clock choke from there and sort of ride them out as they are turtled. if they move, you are quicker to the draw. i try and wrestle at this point and get them on their side or back and then KNEE RIDE pressure all day. they will gas quick. FLOATING side mount game w/ knee ride mixed in. hips down and lots of pressure but keep your position moving on top. don't stay fixed as they are just too f'ing strong.

Empire - I don't mind the criticism at all and I appreciate the candid feedback. In response to your earlier question regarding training up to the comp it was essentially business as usual although we did up the amount of sparring and increased our cardio quite a bit. However, I wouldn't say that I changed my intensity or approach while rolling and I can see your point. This was my first return to competition in about 6 years and I must say that it was an enjoyable experience and helped to point out areas that I need to improve in my game. (many of which you have touched on in your earlier comments)

I'd also be very interested in your take on some of the techniques on the website. For example, are there any techs that you like and if so why, are there other techniques that you think need to be added, are the instructionals clear, etc.

Thanks again for taking the time to provide your candid feedback.

Appreciatively yours,


from what i've seen, the techniques are what i would deem solid fundamentals/basics. which is a great thing.

i don't stray from that, even at brown. i do use a bit of deep half and x-guard. i really like open guard and use the hook flip as much as possible...it's my body type more than anything. stocky guy w/ strong legs and wide shoulders. i'm 230, should be 200 and 5'10.

be honest, i can't take credit for the 'smash the f'ing head' comment. a black belt friend of mine gave me that advice many years ago and it stuck. you probably know him seeing as you got brown from royce.... his name is rob kahn. he just kept stressing that. smash the head. head control. make their life miserable.

No gi D'Arce - @ 2:23 You have your left knee pointing up this time, which is good (and behind the imaginary line of your shoulders, so he can't walk his legs away and sit up into you), but you're being lazy with your right leg. It should be tight to his side so he can't escape his arm and put his elbow to the mat. You will also be ready to use your right leg to paint brush that arm if you want by putting his wrist under your ankle.

BTW - nice stuff in general. Just looking for things to be critical of.

^^^ No gi D'Arce from sidemount