looking for feedback

i made a post on the og and thought i'd post here too seems how its more on topic..

me, my brother, and a friend of our have been recording some songs just for shits and giggles. its all done on computer.. we make the music, write some lyrics to try and make each other laugh.. then record the shit.

we think its funny as hell and are curious if anyone else finds it funny so i've put a bunch up on the net.. so without further ado...

*lights dim, speakers crackle to life*

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and girls.. Crank the the speakers and hold on to your nuts.. cause coming straight outta left field, its.. THREE - FUCKIN - RETARDS!!

3fr.frailproductions.com (err.. bluenamer link please?)

vindixion's shits and giggles

thanks beaver

LOL, you guys are pretty funny!

noone else?

Stand closer to the cab.