Looking for female fighter

The AFA will host another event in Waterloo, Iowa on May 8th. We are looking for a female fighter to fill out a middleweight tournament. The tournament does consist of three mediocre level girls. None of them have had a professional ultimate fight.

For more information email afafighting@yahoo.com

Travis - I'd do it, but I'm a little out of shape. Sorry.

Thats ok, you would have the biggest boobies in the tournament.

I might know of a girl interested. What is the weight?

"Thats ok, you would have the biggest boobies in the tournament."

So you're not fighting? :)

No Hawkeye you're getting boobies and penises mixed up again. TTT for the 2nd biggest homo in Iowa.

Travis call me

Like having big boobs is a bad thing. ( . )( . )

I copied this to the fightergirls.net forum


sounds like Miller is game

bradu,it's actually about another topic but I can't get ahold of him any other way right now

I was just kidding anyways, knowing you're a dude and all.

Hawkeyefan should go to Osky tomorrow though for teh Iowa Challenge event and compare breast size with Fulton

ttt for the 3 guys flirting with each other (Travis, Hawkeyefan, and Clayton)


That's only legal in Missouri,and we all know bzljj wants to bring the camcorder


Didn't know about the event until now. This weekend is the first one in a long time my wife doesn't work (she's switching to weekdays) and so I don't have to watch my daughter.

Too bad I've already planned to put a fence in my backyard and have people coming over to help. Otherwise I'd try to make it to Osky and meet you guys.

ttt's for (.)(.)'s lol

Hey Lars - if the Girl is Shayna - then Kelly could be talked into taking a spot there as well