Looking for fight in May or later

www.thesavagefighter.com Other fighters on team as well as a full range of amateurs and pro's. I'm Randall Rowe and I fight at 205 or 185 depending on opponnent. Contact info for manager is John Hagopian (armobile@yahoo.com) or (603)494-5424.
Savage-Sombody is going to get hurt.


Thanks Matt will look him up. Randy (Savage) Rowe, Ted Govola, Mike Demaine, to name a few, are all exciting fighters ready to rumble (Savage ready by end of April/beginning of May).

Tnx Matt *Stomach Growls* Im very hungrey and focused and preparing to hunt.

isn't the wolfman looking for a fight


Whats up Randy. long time no talk. call me dude or catch a beating.

Yea Im back now that I can back my mouth up again. *punches own face*

Oh great does that mean your coming down to Ron's soon to kick all of our asses again?? hahaha glad to see you recovered well.

Not compleatly back but Getting thier. Yea you will see me at Ron's