Looking for fight

Ok so I have been training for close to 2 years now, and It's time for me to fight. But the problem is I don't know how to go about finding one. It dosn't help I live in Michigan, and don't really train with a team. Any suggestions would be very helpfull.

when i first started i just looked for organizations web sites and e-mailed promoters and asked them if the could use a fighter at my weight class it worked pretty good

If you don't train with a team how are you training and how do you know you are ready to fight?

Very good questions, HeelHook84.

hellhook84 I was training with a team for proable the last 7 mounths or so but can't afford to drive the 50 miles to train with them right now before that I tarined with one of there guys who lived closer to me but joined the guard and is at boat camp. I also train at a bjj school which is 15 minutes from my house but doesn't do any mma just sport bjj. I also train at a boxing gym and have a hs wrestling background. All that aside how do you ever know if your ready untell you do it. I just feel like I need to test myself at this point.

if you don't train with a team you aren't training and you aren't ready to fight but you can find out the hard way like everybody else

uglee, where in Michigan are you from?

ooooops sorry that sounds like a legitimate way to get ready for the fight but you should get with your buddy from your area and practice some mma rounds with light sparring and work on clinch with knees and working striking with takedowns because that is often not worked on before fighting and it is very important

Most of the time your coach will give you feedback on whether or not you are ready. But if you feel you are ready to test yourself go for it. Good Luck!

bigdub955 I'm from newaygo. Dontplay I fully intend to do just that.

uglee - nice. I used to work in Grand Rapids. I live on the other side of the state from you.

There have been a handful of amateur shows over here recently, mosty notably in Flint which is right up the road from me.