Looking for fighters (6/23 Indy)

Looking for some fighters a card Friday, June 23rd in Indianapolis.

2 - 170 lbs., (both guys have no fights)


205 lbs.

Contact me at kpalmersports@hotmail.com for more information. Please be within driving distance of Indianapolis. Thanks.

Keith Palmer

Our show is the week before, may be able to help with a few of those spots if fighters pull through uninjured.

Keith Wisniewski

contact Dustin Ware, manager for team JG. 614 288 0398. We have fighters at all of those weights. SPROUT

Thanks Keith. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be up at your show. Should be a good one.

not going to at ours Keith? Pro or amateurs?

where's Joel Blanton, he would put on a good show..

Hi Mike. Beginning level pro's. Wisniewski has a few fights on the card I'm really excited about. Can't go wrong with Burch in a main event.