Looking for Fighters

Looking for Local Armature MMA and MUay Thai Fighters for show in Darien Illinois July 28 www.chitownthrowdown.com

MMA 220lb 1 win Male
MMA 155lb 0 fights Male
MMA 155lb 1 win 0 loss Male
MMA 170lb 0 fights Male
MMA 170lb 0-1 Male
Muay Thai 142lb to 147lb 9wins 1L 1 Draw Male
Muay Thai 147 to 153lb 2Wins 1 loss Male
Muay Thai 165 to 170lb 0 fights Male
Muay Thai 155 to 160lb 4 wins 1 loss Male
Muay Thai 122lb to 127lb 0 fights Female

ttt for Ricardo. Awesome trainer and cool team.

This is Todd from Neals gym in Cincy.


TTT for Chi-town.