The XFC in Austin, Texas has asked me to help them find some fighters. We are looking for fighters within driving distance of Austin, Texas. Preferably a small team, but we will consider others.

The XFC is proving themselves to be one of the most professionally run organizations out there, and in my experiences with them, YOU WILL BE TREATED RIGHT!!

Looking for opponents for the following fighters:

145 lbs Travis Heil (Travis has 2 or 3 fights as a pro)

185 lbs Rudy Hernandez (Rudy has 4 fights as a pro)

155 lbs Adam Johnson (Adam is a very experienced fighter, if you want to fight him, BE READY!)

This show will be on 11/21/06 in Austin at the convention center.

Email me at jeff@ironshin.com

hardcore gym in ga has 2 tough 145ers.micah miller and brian bowles.check with those guys.



Please help me keep this up guys.




Lawrence has told me great things about this show!!


How's it goin Ray? Yes it is a great show! Fighters are matched well, and every fight I have seen has been a FIGHT!

Come on guys! I always see these threads about so and so looking for fights, now here is one about a promotion looking for fighters, and this is all of the response i can get?? J/K guys, but you will be doing yourself an injustice if you don't look into it!


wanna bring down some indiana guys? i miss Texas