Looking for fights for teammate

 145..2-0 ammy 1-2  pro from Altus,OK David Patterson looking to get on some local shows.Good wrestler,improved submissions,and striking.PM me if interested.Thanks.Oh and fuck the OKUG;)

Find a promotion and I'll fight him at 155, oh and OKUG Approved fighter.. So OKUG fucking rocks


           Call a legit promo in Oklahoma, Im sure DAC will be glad to kiss Greg Jacksons ass and get your fighter a fight with Justin Summers. He Tranes UFC, and he will keep you in easy wins so he can make money off you for quite some time.

 I dont have anything to do with Jacksons other then ive been there a few times to trane..or do i?;)Lol...

Daves black,athletic,and a good respectful person.He's not a jump on the cage act a fool kind of guy after he wins.He's got a family to feed and likes to train,and fight!

Prittyboy vs Dave in the XFL DAC,make it happen.I'll talk to him about fighting Mr.Barnes at 155,150 if Barnes can cut the extra 5lbs and do a catch.We'll talk more if its a go,but im sure he's game.

Fuck the OKUG???Excuse me buddy,who the hell are you??How about you get some of Cactus,the used to be leader of the okug who got demoted by these migrating okfn pilgrims..

I'll fight at 150 no prob just need a notice.

And Cactus who are you talking to? Aren't you the same guy lol

We gave Abel two margaritas and a tin of jumping beans for this place, then loaded up all his relatives and relocated them to the Guam forum. Phone Post

I have more than one green card to.You see,us folks have ways to even get multiple green names,but it'll cost you!!!There's MMA coyotes,but dont tell anyone!

abe, if dave wants a fight i got one for him in new orleans on feb 19. call me.

no not for brock, need an opponent for ronald jacobs @ 145 and jc cottrell knocked him out as an ammy


Buy a Blue name or shut the fuck up.

Thank you that will be all.

He does make a valid point, Larry. Phone Post