looking for ground zero patch...

If anyone can help me get a Ground Zero gi patch, I'd really appreciate it. A buddy of mine used to train there (B. Wysocki) while he was in school, and I'd like to get one for him as a gift... a website or contact POC would be great... Thanks.

hi there if its the ground zero bjj club in melbourne,Australia the link

is :http://www.gzbjj.com/.

hopefully they
can help you out.

If that link gives you troubles try www.fightme.com.au

that's AWESOME that there's a GZ down under

damn GZBJJ, you guys have a filipino guy too. just like GZ morgantown

He trained while attending school in WV... Not sure with whom. He actually gave me his original patch as a gift when we stopped training together, and it has yellow gothic script looking letters with a black outline that say "GZ"...

Thanks - I'll give you a call over the weekend... Don't need it ridiculously quick, either as I won't be seeing him for a month or so... And to answer your previous post, we used to train together (occasionally)in Colorado, but he moved to Dayton about a year-and-a-half ago to go to grad school. I don't think he's rolled much since Colorado, though.