Looking for Headgear,shinpads.mma

I am going to buy a pair of shinpads,Headgear and mma gloves.I would love to hear peoples opinions on what brands are the best to buy.

Thanks for any input.

Combat sports, slip on, grappling shin guards and Fairtex gloves are the best imo. 

Yeah I've heard good things about the fairtex gloves as well.A buddy let me try his on and they fit great.Do the combat sports shin guards fit nice and tight?The ones at my gym seem to slide around a lot.

Also any thoughts on the headgear by fairtex or others.

best headgear is cleto reyes imo... but it's pricey... best boxing gloves cleto reyes, best mma gloves fairtex... combat sports shinguards

Do you have a website or distributor for cleto reyes?


Windy Pro Shin guards for hard sparring. Slip on Combat Sports for light sparring and MMA. I got the airmax headgear from combat sports and really like it.



Wow with all the fighters and guys training I thought there would alot more opinions on what equipment guys like to train with.

Come on guys lets hear it

Nobody here really trains.  We just like to bitch and cry about those that do.