Looking for help in Tulsa on Friday

I am going to Tulsa on Friday to do a live streaming broadcast of the XFL on purefight.org and want to also record the fights so that they are archived for later. The last couple times I covered this event I was in the control booth and a friend of mine was cageside recording the fights with my camera, that friend can't make it so I was wondering if there was anyone who would be willing to lend a hand and sit cageside and record the fights.... Anyone gonna be in Tulsa the day after Thanksgiving and want to help out...?

 Well your not gonna find any help in Tul$a, pal!!!!........ We dont like newcomers round these parts!!!

-OMA (tm)


sounds fishy to me!

 Marv is already agreed to help out!!! (not a joke)

Should be fun!

 Probably should have typed "Has Already"...............

BUT WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-OMA (tm)

Sweetness, I had a feeling you would come through thanks bro!