looking for intructionals

I am looking for an instructional. Mostly sweeps(no gi or gi), passing guard(no gi or gi), Sep ups for submissions, Transitions.

Anyone has some input please let me know.


get Eddie Bravo's set.

Eddie Bravo??? I have the twister but i wouldn't consider it a instructional.

I have sperry's submission fighting tape.

I will have alook at sherdog

Is there a dvd set that mixes gi and no gi????

Where can I order these dvd's.Any other site then sherdog?

KUKUK and KESTING. What are the sites?

thanks dogface

we have a few instuctionals too..( Gordo, Tinguinha, Nino, Batata),including online lessons w/Cesar Gracie!!


if someone has anything to add please feel free. I need to get back in training but no BJJ gyms in the city where i live.



you neglected to mention how experienced you are.

If you have at least one year on the mat I would recommend Kesting's DVDs. Excellent detailed instructionals and material to keep you going for a long time. I would caution you that it tends towards the advanced trainer.

I have been training judo and BJJ for 10 years and some of the material (especially on butterfly guard) is too advanced for me. That is the depth of the material.

Also, Roy Harris BJJ 201 is excellent.

I have the Joe Moreira passsing the guard series and it is great. Its a 5 disk set and its pretty intense.

EDDIE BRAVO??? He has a set? Anyone else have inormation on this? I would be very interested in purchasing this set.

have been training for 2 years, but i have been off for 1 year since i moved back from australia. I am rusty and need to get back into it again.

Sweeps from guard,passing guard, head control from guard.I am not to sloppy but i train with a really strong guy who really just outpowers himself from everything and i have problems with him.

And this is no gi. Would love to catch up on some gi chokes as well


to get back to the basics (which is a very good thing)