Looking for Japanese Pride Posters

Hey everyone,

looking for japanese pride and/or signed ufc posters.

If you want to sell some and have no problem with sending

them over to Germany that would be great

 sent you a PM

Dale Doback -  I still have signed Pride posters im trying to dump

  I will still trade you that signed WEC poster for one.......HAHA

Dale Doback -  I still have signed Pride posters im trying to dump

Okay cool,

which ones you got and what do you want for them?


 Is that ^^^ the only one left Dale????

I might sell a couple 19's coming up here, if I do i'll take one off your hands Dale.

Dale Doback -  My only Pride poster? Nope, I have 7 left.  People want to put a claim on them but nobody wants to pay for them.

Which ones do you have left?

Dale which 2006 gp poster is it? And how much do you want for it?

Dale Doback -  Still have 2006GP........... Shockwave kick/knee poster.............. Return of the Warriors........

Still waiting on Matt to buy that Pride 1 lol

if youre selling it, do you have a pic of the return of the warrior and how much do you want for it


 what did the GP finally sell for? That was a $$$ poster!

dale I didn't realize your poster was signed. that makes it 10x more badass

 Is the poster clean or fixed to the framing materials? Forgot to ask...

word. ill keep the offer in mind; a bit out of my price range until my next paycheck

  I meant glue on back but was trying to be subtle about it... lol...

the 10 is sick as shit. the best USA version imo and signed. well worth 500.00

Dale Doback -  If someone wants to buy the other 2 as a package I can work out a good deal as well

I'm interested in both of those if you still have them. I sent you a message.