Looking for Judo Coach

Hey guys this is John Renken and I am looking for a 6th Degree in Judo and a 4th Degree in jiu jitsu through USJA, or USJI. Please give me a call at 931-906-2941 or email me at saint@xtremeministries.com


Just curious why those ranks?

If you are interested in the ranks please drop me a line.

USJI doesn't award rank in jiu jitsu, only Kodokan Judo.



This thread is confusing..What is it about again?

I am looking for a Coach.

and he has to be a 6th dan in judo and a 4th in jiu-jitsu? Why those ranks? And isnt it going to be like finding a needle in a haystack to find someone who holds both of those specific ranks? What if he is a 5th in judo and a 1st in jiu-jitsu, or 3rd in Judo and 6th in jiu-jitsu, etc,etc..I guess I just dont get the point of the rank thing..Most 6th degrees are not any better than 4-5ths anyway, just have time in grade..You want an older instructor? Cause most 6ths are going to be 50+

Jack if you would like an explanation, there is one. Email me and give me your # and I will explain everything.

Renken, I figure there is a method to your madness..Just trying to figure it out..my e-mail is qrjudo@yahoo.com

i am a blue in jiujitsu and a black in judo and prolly have a higher technical ability than 90 percent of 6th dans in the USA.

A lot of sixth dans exist from payments to some dude in the USJA years ago.

honestly, when I see ssixth dan, i have less respect for the person than a regular shodan.... kinda weird.


Was feeling the same way.

hey Q,

can you explain to us the reasoning behind the ranks after he tells you. i dont feel like sending him an email.

Ok. Here's the story: I was ready to open up a martial arts studio and the head instructor I had lined up had a 6th dan in judo and a 4th dan in jujitsu. Unfortunately, due to events beyond his control, he is now unable to assume duties as the head instructor.

But before I found that out, I had flyers printed advertising our school--real nice flyers, glossy with three color separation on nice thick paper. They set me back a lot of $$, but I figured I would more than recoup the cost once the dojo opened in December.

The only thing is that the instructor is listed as being "6th Dan in judo and 4th Dan in jujutsu" on the flyers. I don't really have the money to reprint these and the printing company told me that they wouldn't be able to have them ready until after Thanksgiving and that just isn't enough time to advertise for our grand opening in December.

So I need to find someone who can teach at my school who also fits the bill so I don't get sued for false advertising.

I think its foolish to limit yourself, regardless of the "misprint"...when people contact you, its more than fair to explain the situation.

Actually I just made that up.

I have no affiliation with TEAM HAVOK...

...it's just the only possible explanation I could think of.



Maybe his school is located on 6464 Clandestine Secret Street, and he just likes the way it all fits together?


yeah, this just seems pretty retarded. I am a 6th degree in judo and 5th degree in jiu-jitsu - damn! I guess I don't fit the bill so I won't apply.

lol... i could imagine that i wouldnt be qualified to teach judo for Havoc seeing how i am only just now getting a Yodan in judo...

i also imagine that over half the people who ever made the national team wouldnt be qualified under his eyes either becuase 99% of them never cared about promotions are sre still sho-ni dans..

friggin pathetic.. stupid... and ignorant.